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Tea Margaret's Gumbo

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My Tee Margaret...

As a little girl growing up, I idolized my Tee Margaret. She had a light that shined so bright, and when she cooked for you, you could actually feel that light. Born and raised in New Orleans, she embodied the culture and spirit of a city that represents good times, good people, and good food. She was a huge part of my village, and taught me everything I know about Gumbo. I'd like to think that her spirit lives on through my cooking, and that people continue to feel that spirit in each and every bite. This is authentic gumbo, made from scratch, made with love, from a lineage of strong women that I am so profoundly honored to be connected to. Her memory lives on.

What's so special about this Gumbo?


Well let me tell you... as clique as this will sound, the main ingredient is in fact... love.

Now take that love and pair with a combination of fresh organic herbs and spices, homemade chicken, vegetable, and seafood stocks, and homemade seasonings, combined with a technique and preparation process that requires 24 hours from start to finish to complete. Our Gumbo is not made with a traditional roux, which makes it gluten free, as we do not use an other ingredients containing gluten.

While we can't offer up ever single trick, spice, or product used to prepare this recipe, we ask during this check-out process... that you list any and all allergies. Rest assured, if there is an ingredient that we use, that you are allergic to, we will find an acceptable replacement--- uncompromising of flavor.

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