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Meet Chef Pamela DiCristo

My Georgia roots have guided me through 18 years in the culinary industry.

The kitchen was my playground as a child, and still is! It wasn't JUST the food that attracted me to the kitchen, it was the energy, the stories, history, life lessons, wisdom, laughter and utter chaos. All while being tested and guided by the most amazing southern family.

I was taught by the best to do my best. To live with passion and purpose, which serves as the main ingredient in every single creation.

That type of experience is priceless.

I have traveled this world, experiencing many things-- attending school in New Orleans, living and working professionally in New York, Los Angeles, Australia, San Diego, and Santa Barbara. I've been blessed to share this passion with a rainbow of clients that have all contributed to my growth and success.

I am a  survivor of Breast Cancer, married to my best friend and partner, and most recently a first time Mommy, who is even more inspired now than ever before.

While I enjoy preparing and indulging in many different types of cuisine, my specialty is Southern and Cajun food.

Southern and Cajun food is an experience that involves story telling like no other cuisine. It's history is rich with ingredients and requires time and patience. In other can't rush a good pot of Gumbo. :)

It would be my absolute pleasure to share this experience with you. Whether it is in the form of teaching, catering, private chef, corporate retreats, food demos, and so much more.

Thank you for stopping by! I look forward to sharing with you really soon.

Chef Pamela

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