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Our subscription service will begin on August 13th.

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Service Description

Today, July 13th is a special launch date for my first subscription based service. The idea for this service comes from years of teaching. It is intended to create a community of foodies who cook for flavor, authenticity, simplicity & consistency. Cooking provides so much more than nutritional nourishment. It is artistry & expression. It says "I love you" in the most intimate way. It's not always reflected in our bodies, which is where the phrase "love handles" comes from, yet we love the outcome of a delicious meal none the less. Join me as I share with you the fundamentals of cooking, starting with the most important component, which is flavor. Less focus on recipes, more focus on ingredients and how they all come together. Each month a class schedule is sent to participants, who are then allowed to sign-up for as many classes as they wish. There are 2 classes each week, 8 classes total for the month. Each class has a different subject, with a shopping list attached. You are welcome to participate and cook along with me in real time, or simply observe, ask questions, take notes, and save the cooking for another day. Subscribers can sign up from any part of the country, and connect with women and men who also share a love for good food, or simply want to understand food on a different level. Subscribers will have access to the following: - Any and all online cooking classes -Cooking demos -Technique -Special Amazon Discounts on Cooking Utensils & Supplies -Family Recipes -Authentic Recipes -Tricks, Trades and Secrets -Fact vs Fiction -Healing foods and ingredients -Cultural recipes & traditions from around the word -Ask Chef Pamela/text support -An inclusive "members only" message board -Guest Instructors (you won't find anywhere else) -A community/fellowship So if you haven't figured it out already, July 13th is my birthday! This year I'm embarking on a year long journey to restore my own physical health, and I'd like to invite you along. Subscribers will have full access to my personal foodie journal/weight-loss journey and video blogs. I am firm believer that food is intended to be enjoyed, so know that by participating in this subscription, we will cover and create a medley of dishes, making healthy alternatives apart of the actual recipe, and no longer a substitution. I can not wait to begin this journey with all of you, and look forward to meeting you in the kitchen!

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Santa Barbara, CA, USA

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